Solution Oriented Business Support & Hiring Services

In order to run an efficient business, you need employees with up-to-date operational skills. At Employer’s Choice, Inc. , we provide everything necessary to run your business smoothly with our comprehensive business support and hiring services.

Primary & Secondary Office Support

Achieve optimum results from your company and employees by tapping into our all-inclusive business support services. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you find helpful administrative/executive assistants and project/sales support staff.

Additional corporate services we offer include:

• Accounting Support
• Customer Service/Data Entry
• Financial Services

• Human Resource Services
• Insurance Services
• Inside/Outside Sales Services

• Legal Support
• Project Management
• Research Support

Mid-Level Management Positions

Sourcing effective middle-management-level candidates can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Employer’s Choice, Inc. utilizes proven strategies in locating benchmark candidates. Our screening processes save you spending valuable time and resources with unqualified candidates.

Permanent Placement & Direct Hire 

When hiring a candidate vetted by Employer’s Choice, Inc. you can be assured that he/she has been personally interviewed, tested, and pre-screened to ensure their skills and qualifications has met the necessary requirements  you set forth. Each permanent hire is accompanied by an unconditional 30 day guarantee by our firm.

If employment is terminated for any reason by either the employer or the employee during the first 30 calendar days, we will replace that employee at no additional charge to you. If we are unable to do so to your satisfaction, you will receive a complete refund of the service fee.

Temp-to-Hire & Temp-to-Permanent 

Our new hires remain on our payroll for a period of 520 working hours (13 weeks). During this period, Employer’s Choice, Inc. is responsible for all payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance. You will have the option to “buy out” the employee at any time and pay the remainder of the service fee or to wait until the employee has met the 520-working-hour requirement. At the end of 13 weeks, the employee may be transferred to your payroll at no additional cost.

Temporary/Contract Placement 

All temporary employees are interviewed, tested, and pre-screened in the same manner as our permanent-placement candidates. We guarantee our temporary employees to be qualified to perform the tasks required by the job description and that their work performance will meet or exceed your expectations.